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Manly, NSW, 2095

0412 038 099


Before The Day


Head to the ‘Contact Me’ page and send through your ceremony details and any requests for your big day. I will be able to check if I am available for your big day and we can arrange to meet for a free introduction meeting to see if I am the right celebrant for you!


We will arrange a meeting at an agreed location and discuss the type of ceremony you are after, the services I offer and how I can help you create a personalised ceremony that reflects you as a couple.


Fantastic news! You have decided that I am the right celebrant for you! We will now arrange a meeting to complete all required paperwork to legalise your marriage, I’ll have an opportunity to get to know you as a couple and start creating an amazing ceremony.

Your ceremony

To ensure your  ceremony reflects you as a couple I will spend some time getting to know you by asking you a range of questions about how you met, what makes you tick as a couple, highlights of your relationship and most importantly why you want to spend forever with your partner.

I will talk through the composition and structure of a wedding ceremony and we can come up with a plan that is perfect for you. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want, or are requiring a lot of guidance, I can step you through this process to make it a seamless one!


To ensure your marriage is legalised we need to meet at least 31 days before your wedding as we are required to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form. I’ll tell you exactly what this entails closer to the time as I’ll need you to bring along some identification documents to support the application.

Are you out of towners?

If you would like me to be your celebrant, however you live outside of Sydney or overseas we can use the powers of modern technology (Skype, email, phone) to make all of the above arrangements for your big day. I will prepare your Notice of Intended Marriage form and you will need to sign this and also have it signed by an authorised witness and mail it to me 31 days prior to your wedding day (again.. don’t stress, this is an easy task).


After our meeting I will write a personalised ceremony script for you and your partner. I will email this to you and any changes can be made over email correspondence. I am of course also available to address any questions over the phone.


Feeling a little nervous about your big day? A wedding rehearsal is a great way to calm the nerves and go over the logistics of the ceremony leaving you feeling calm and collected and ready to say ‘I do’.

If possible it would be best to hold the rehearsal at your wedding venue with your wedding party and any family or friends who play a role. This way we can go through the ceremony, where to walk/stand, rehearse music cues and coordinate anyone else with a role on the day.